Covid-19 has introduced an array of difficulties to the work environment and hosting virtual presentations may come in towards the top of that list. However, a supplier testimonial received in January 2021 has demonstrated that virtual presentations can still be effective. 

Tenet Education Services ran a ‘Request for quote’ process for a new cleaning contract for The Ellis CE Primary School in Barnsley. The School’s cleaning service is currently outsourced and they wanted to test value for money and ensure that they were receiving the best service. The suppliers submitted their bids and then presented their offering to Tenet and the school in January. Bulloughs Cleaning Services’ bid for the contract was successful.

“As we all know too well, online/virtual presentations are awkward and clunky at the best of times. Yesterday by comparison was clear, concise, well thought out and really well led.”

David Wellock, Financial Director at Bulloughs
Bulloughs Cleaning Services

The positive feedback received from Bulloughs was testament to the thorough service being delivered by Tenet during the pandemic.

Our On Demand Tender Team have provided four tips on how to streamline procurement presentations: 

  • Conduct pre-presentation meetings with your client to ensure that they are fully aware of the presentation format and to answer any questions they may have
  • Introduce yourself and your client (with their agreement) to help prevent individuals talking over one another
  • Monitor time carefully and provide suppliers with time checks, advising them how long they have left to present to stop them from over running
  • Make use of the microphone mute button and request questions to be saved to the end to help maintain the flow of the presentation

Given that Tenet can host successful virtual presentations during Covid-19, whilst reducing travel costs and our carbon footprint simultaneously, perhaps virtual presentations are the way forward post-pandemic?

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