Thamesmead School

Tenet sweeps in to deliver Cleaning Services contract

Thamesmead School of Shepperton, Surrey engaged Tenet Education Services to conduct a compliant procurement process for their new Cleaning Services contract.  

The school’s existing contract was already outsourced and the school was keen to explore options in order to test the market – due to the contract’s suggested value, the opportunity was to be advertised to the wider UK market.

As one might expect, the school also sought to ensure procurement compliancy, as well as compliancy with their own internal regulations.

Tenet recommended an effective route to market that met the school’s timescales and would provide expertise and guidance throughout the procurement process.

The Cleaning Services project was conducted via a Restricted Find a Tender route to market, with a contract start date of 1st June 2023.  

This particular route to market was selected as the school’s total spend over the life of the contract exceeded the Find a Tender threshold and also to allow the school’s incumbent supplier the opportunity to participate in the tender process.

Our strategy

Locally based Procurement Manager Karis Lucano-Jones oversaw this project, with Tenet providing Thamesmead School approximately nine days of support in total.

Support provided throughout the process included:

  • producing a comprehensive tender pack, including Selection Questionnaire (SQ), Invitation to Tender, pricing schedule, TUPE information and contract
  • co-ordinating the publication of the tender on e-tendering portal MultiQuote
  • evaluating Selection Questionnaire replies, providing feedback to suppliers
  • hosting a site visit with the school and participating suppliers
  • publication of the Invitation to Tender
  • evaluating tenders
  • hosting supplier presentations
  • writing a detailed recommendation report
  • developing contract documents
  • general procurement consultancy support and guidance throughout 

The outcome

Supported by Tenet, Thamesmead School completed a compliant process in line with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR2015 Regulations), with the result being the appointment of an education-experienced cleaning services provider, one capable of delivering the requirements of the institution.

Tenet’s commitment to professionalism was truly evident, and I found their organisational skills and management impressive. Their invaluable advice, guidance, and support played a pivotal role in helping us achieve our desired outcome with the new contract

Nahbila Sher, Business Manager, Thamesmead School

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