Holy Cross College

College Appoints Tenet to Undertake Simultaneous Tenders

Holy Cross College appointed Tenet to manage the tendering process for their Building Cleaning and Security Contracts.

Time was of the essence with this project, so both were undertaken using the relevant CPC framework lot, to ensure the new contract start date was met and that an adequate mobilisation period was allowed.

Our Strategy

The College’s decision for both tenders was that supplier presentations were held remotely, as the time of senior staff and governors was very limited.  Tenet set up the individual Microsoft Teams calls and hosted the suppliers’ presentations for both services.

Site visits were held for both projects, with Tenet in attendance on both occasions. Overall, a total of ten days of support was provided to the College to undertake both tenders.

Support was provided by Tenet as follows:

  • Pre-market engagement undertook with the framework suppliers
  • TUPE information was requested
  • A questionnaire was issued per project to the College to help gather information to build up bespoke specifications
  • Development of tender documentation, including an enhanced Covid-19 specification for the cleaning contract and additional resource requested for the security contract
  • Publishing the tender documents
  • Answering and collating clarification questions
  • Evaluation of the written and pricing responses
  • Attendance at the remote presentations
  • Tender recommendation report
  • Drafting and arranging signature of both contracts


Working with the consultancy team at Tenet Education has been really worthwhile. From the initial meeting, through to the specification, tender process and presentations, to final successful contract(s), the whole process has been straightforward, well-managed by the consultant assigned to the college and great value in terms of time and money. The college went out to tender on two service contracts at the same time, but, with the help of the Tenet team and their sector experience in both security and cleaning, we are now looking forward to improved services for the college, which was the main aim of the exercise. I would highly recommend checking out what Tenet Services have to offer. 

Ann-Maria Cassidy – VP Finance and Resources

Undertaking two major re-tenders with contract start dates within the same month is a task that most busy institutions will not have time to do. I am pleased that Holy Cross College approached Tenet and I have been able to provide them with my expertise to guide the College through each individual process, without them having to sacrifice too much of their time at the start of a busy new academic year.

Keeley Blackburn – Procurement Consultant

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