Tender Publication Service

Under the EU Procurement Regulations, since October 2018 electronic tendering is a mandatory requirement for all public-sector bodies.

At Tenet, we can offer a solution. Our tender publication service not only ensures you are totally compliant with the UK Public Contract Regulations, but we can also save you time and money, and help your tender process to run smoothly.

Tenet offer you the support and resources you need to deliver a fully compliant tender process.

Our expert procurement team will review your tender documentation, publish OJEU and low-value notices (that automatically link to Contracts Finder), manage your expressions of interest, and collect any statistical data your organisation needs for reporting purposes.

Tenet’s Tender Publication Service can offer you:

  • Access to web-based e-Sourcing software.
  • Preparation and publication of key notices, such as PINs, OJEU notices, and advertisements on Contracts Finder.
  • A full review of your suite of tender documentations, prior to publication, to ensure quality and compliance.
  • Support with Open, Restricted and non-OJEU tender processes, and mini competitions.
  • Assistance with managing supplier queries, correspondence and submissions.

Tenet Education Services are not-for-profit and reinvest back into the education sector. Part of the registered charity Crescent Purchasing Limited, Tenet are owned, and run by the education sector.