Spend & Efficiency Reviews

Tenet has been a market leader for over 20 years by providing a range of spend and service reviews.  Using KPIs, our teams demonstrate ROI by carrying out comprehensive and independent reviews of your organisation’s purchasing processes and expenditure.  We review your spending process end-to-end – examining both how much you spend and the reasons you spend it. 

Our procurement professionals will examine potential opportunities and identify areas for savings. Tenet can help manage your spend by working alongside your management team to implement improved procurement systems and processes. 

We can review virtually any service, including cleaning, hard and soft facilities management, mechanical and electrical, planned preventative maintenance, security, grounds maintenance, IT services and support, transport, waste management and building refurbishment projects. Our findings and recommendations will be presented to you in a timely manner in your chosen format.

Tenet’s aim is to fulfil the potential of your service contracts. 
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