Catering Consultancy

Catering and hospitality are core services for schools, academies, colleges and universities. Catering procurement is notoriously difficult to get right but when procured successfully it is one of the biggest areas where institutions can maximise quality, return on investment, innovation and value for money. The savings you can make through a well delivered catering process has the potential to equate to additional teaching posts!

At Tenet we understand the mechanics of good catering procurement. We have a record of success in helping our education customers save money and significantly improve their services. We have experience improving poor-performing operations and helping institutions turn loss into profit.  Our catering specialists are supported by our team of procurement experts, so we can ensure that your catering contract adheres to the Public Contract Regulations while getting the best commercial results.

The full procurement process for outsourced catering services is complex which is where Tenet’s consultants and catering experts come in. They can provide you with support throughout the entire process which will take at least three months to complete. Once complete you will have a quality service that serves delicious food and balanced meals to your students and colleagues.

Tenet’s team have served up some amazing results for our customers, HCUC (a merger between Uxbridge College and Harrow College) received a £290,000 investment in state-of-the-art facilities and a £80,000 per annum return. Tenet used the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Outsourced Catering framework which is designed for the education sector, is EU compliant and provides access to an average of 17 suppliers across the 32 different regional and educational institution specific lots.  All the suppliers placed on the framework have a wealth of experience of working with colleges, universities, academies and schools.

What’s more, we are a not-for-profit organisation and we are the only procurement consultancy which is owned by the education sector, meaning that our profits are reinvested back into projects that benefit the education sector.

The catering tender process always brings challenges and to know there is someone on hand with the answers to your enquiries, to point you in the right direction and to provide advice and guidance has been something we would describe as an outstanding service offer by the team at Tenet.

Vickie Keeling | United Endeavour Trust

Our Service

Tenet offer a broad menu of services which will be tailored to meet your needs. Our team can offer one-off catering procurement advice through to providing a fully managed catering tender service. Whether you are looking to procure a new contract catering supplier, review your service provision or maximise your contract management, our dedicated team can support you.

  • Specification Development 

Are you looking for a new concept or direction for your catering operations? Tenet’s catering specialists have extensive sector experience and they can help you design the best catering and hospitality solution for your educational establishment.

  • Benchmarking

Tenet’s expert team can use their specialist knowledge to evaluate your catering service and ensure that you are receiving comparable value across the marketplace.

  • Tendering

Tenet can provide bespoke support to find the right contract catering companies for schools, academies, colleges or universities. Our procurement consultants can help you with pre-market engagement, drafting tender documents, managing the full tender process, leading evaluations and running supplier presentations. With Tenet’s support you will be able to procure a new contract catering service that offers value for money, a quality service, healthy food and the opportunity to get a return on investment and upgrade to state-of-the-art facilities.

  • Contract Management

We provide our customers with free phone and email support throughout the full contract lifetime of our catering tender service helping to ensure that you get the benefits your contract promised. If you need hands-on support Tenet can attend contract review meetings and assist with supplier management for the duration of the agreement.

Our Expertise

Tenet’s team of catering specialists have many years of combined expertise gained in senior roles in both public and private sector organisations, bringing in-depth commercial knowledge and a fresh, innovative approach.

Meet Jonathan a member of our catering team below!

Jonathan has over 30 years of expertise in catering and hospitality across the public and private sectors. His experience includes roles as Events Manager at Stockport Council, Head of Hospitality at The Lowry in Salford, Conference and Marketing Manager at Leeds University and Head of Catering at the University of Bangor.

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