Managed Procurement Services

Managed Procurement Services

Tenet provide on-site procurement support for educational establishments with our Managed Procurement Service. We provide flexible procurement support from half a day through to five days a week and will design a procurement package that will maximise your savings.

With the possibility of a guaranteed savings model, you can ensure the savings you make cover the cost of our service, as a minimum. 

We provide excellent value for money for our customers, during 2018:

  • We generated an average return of investment of 493%
  • We secured savings of £4.3 million
  • Our average service cost was £28,111
  • The average savings we secured were £166,756

Tenet are owned by and run for the education sector. Our service has been proven in the FE sector since 2008 and we have an increasing number of educational establishments who are making amazing savings, why not join them?

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Tenet’s unique service includes:

  1. Guaranteed savings – the service cost is offset by the savings you make
  2. Seen as risk free to the college, school or academy
  3. Flexible services to suit requirement and budget
  4. Opportunity to be party to collaborative tenders managed by collaboration specialists
  5. Web-based e-sourcing software provided within the contract price during the contract term

The only risk is not using our service to discover your savings potential.

The 493% return is based upon 35 clients who received a full 12 months service during 2018. The guaranteed savings offer is subject to terms and conditions being agreed by both parties. Details are available on request.

Why use Tenet

Tenet are a not-for-profit organisation and we understand the mechanics of good procurement. Our dedicated team of procurement specialists have extensive experience and success in improving procurement within educational establishments. Our service adheres to the Public Contract Regulations while getting the best commercial results.

How our Guaranteed Savings Model works

Institutions who qualify for our Guaranteed Savings Model will as a minimum get the equivalent cost of our service guaranteed by the savings generated over the course of the contract. We are the only company servicing the education sector to offer this and our customers are contractually guaranteed a minimum outturn over the duration of our service contract. We believe the decision to appoint Tenet is risk free.

Tenet are flexible to your needs

You will get the procurement service that suits your institution when you appoint Tenet. Our flexibility gives you the opportunity to receive a service that is tailored to your requirements and budget. Tenet provide a nationwide service and our procurement consultant will be based in the same region as your organisation, helping to support the local economy. Our procurement specialists cover everything from 0.5 to 5 days on-site per week. Additionally, we can offer managed contracts which are delivered off-site, whilst working to an agreed programme of work.

Tenet are trusted procurement professionals

Across our contracts we are actively involved in managing a combined non-pay spend of £350m and our team have a vast amount of experience procuring a wide range of goods and services. We service individual schools and colleges as well as both informal and formal groups of educational establishments such as Multi-Academy Trusts and Federations, across our procurement management contracts. 

E-tendering system access

All our procurement consultants have access to Tenet’s Sourcing Cloud software, which allows for everything from small quotations through to large scale EU tenders to be managed online using our web-based software. Customers avoid the need to incur software subscription costs because our service includes a licence to our software.

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