Happy Birthday Tenet! Celebrating 26 years

An article by Darren Lowe, Tenet’s Managing Director.

Every business start-up has aspiration to achieve the aims set by the Founder. Did our Founder David Thoms, have an ambition that Tenet would become a not-for-profit business 26 years on from him deciding to form the business? I very much doubt it, but regardless of the fact we are today a not-for-profit business. I have no doubt that David had the ambition to grow Tenet into the business it has become today. No-one can foresee what a business will become, or the impact it will have on the marketplace it serves, but from an initial business idea, it’s been amazing to watch a business succeed, and for me, I am proud to have been be part of the team for the past 10 years (and hopefully many more) that has shaped Tenet’s success.

For a business to grow you need drive, ambition, and creative ideas to ensure your business continually services the needs of your chosen marketplace. Tenet has become a successful business because we have built a team who are fully invested in what we do.

Our Mission, Vision and Values are shared across the businesses within the CPL Group, of which Tenet is one.

Our Mission is to provide outstanding procurement service to members and clients.

Our Vision is to be the procurement services partner of choice for the education sector.

Our Values deliver our distinctive culture, underpin our relationships, and define what makes CPL Group a unique place to work.

We have five values which we live by:

  1. People Orientated – Without any doubt our greatest strength is our people. They are at the heart of everything we do, and it is important to ensure that we provide a caring environment in which to work
  2. Collaboration – Working together achieves more, it is a fact. We share best practice and knowledge though teamwork and strive to develop innovative approaches through strong partnerships
  3. Customer Focused – Everything we do is for the benefit of our customers. We are 100% committed to delivering the highest quality service and support that exceeds expectations.
  4. Professional – Acting with honesty, integrity and treating everyone with respect, we strive to deliver the highest standards to achieve strong working relationships.
  5. Supportive – Supporting our staff and customers is important to us. We listen to customer views and staff ideas and work together to provide an exceptional service. We heavily invest in the principles of training for all, sharing knowledge and guidance.

To all our customers and the suppliers who we have worked with over the past 26 years, we thank you and look forward to building upon the existing working relationships that we have formed.

To all schools, colleges and universities who may not have used our service and like what you are reading, we would love to hear from you. Over the past few weeks we’ve become very slick at hosting video meetings so please don’t wait for the lockdown to end before getting in touch and exploring project opportunities that will help you to save money, improve value for money and ultimately enhance teaching and learning for your students.

Working together, we share the goal of continually enhancing teaching and learning for all students. Improving a cleaning service improves the learning environment that you teach in, reducing costs on washroom consumables will allow for funds to be redirected into other areas thus helping the student receive more from your organisation. Buying better quality teaching materials will provide your students with better tools from which to learn their craft. Procurement is not just about saving money, it is about making a positive impact on the organisation and Tenet are committed to maximising our positive impact on the education sector and, your institution.

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