A Day in the Life of a Procurement Consultant

Steve Haines is a procurement consultant for Tenet Education Services, part of the CPL Group. A much-loved member of our UK-wide team, Steve arrived September 2021 and currently looks after two institutions in the South Wales area, Coleg y Cymoedd and the NPTC Group.  With a name meaning ‘College of the Valleys’. Coleg y Cymoedd… Continue reading A Day in the Life of a Procurement Consultant

Funding of up to £20,000 is available for student events – apply now

Climbing Course

Tenet Education Services, Tenet Procurement Services and Crescent Purchasing Consortium combine any profits we make each year and they go to the education sector owned charity Crescent Purchasing Limited (registered charity number 1130461). All surplus reserves are then reinvested into the education sector.

Crescent Purchasing Limited has funding available for a limited period for student related events and activities. You are invited to apply for full or part funding ranging from £100 up to £20,000 for projects such as: Student Award(s) Sponsorship, Teaching Materials, Innovative Teaching or Learning Resources.

Do you have a suitable project?

We’d like to hear from you whether it’s a single event over the summer or an on-going project.

*All applications must be submitted by close of business on 30th September 2019. Submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the evaluation panel and prioritised using the qualifying criteria.

COVID-19. What have we learnt so far?

An article by Darren Lowe, Tenet’s Managing Director. As a small business Tenet Education Services employs 35 people and as part of a similar sized charity, Crescent Purchasing Limited, the whole group has less than 80 employees located nationwide. With a membership of over7000 institutions, the current situation has reinforced our belief that customer care and communication… Continue reading COVID-19. What have we learnt so far?

Planning for the reopening of your school or academy

The HM Governments briefing on the 11th May 2020 gave some hope that in the coming months schools and academies may be able to reopen their doors for limited numbers of learners. The reality is schools and academies have never closed their doors because they have played a vital role in providing care services to… Continue reading Planning for the reopening of your school or academy

What are the procurement thresholds?

The threshold value for when contracts become subject to The Public Contracts Regulations are revised every two years and are adjusted to take into account exchange rate differences between Sterling and the Euro. The thresholds apply to contracts being procured on or after 1st January 2022 and the revised figures applicable to non-central government are:… Continue reading What are the procurement thresholds?

What is a contract?

This article aims to provide an overview of the basic elements that are needed to form a legally binding contact. Using the basic principals detailed in this article, a school business professional, procurement officer or procurement manager should be able to identify if their specific contracts/agreements/partnerships/arrangements (the name is immaterial) could be considered in a… Continue reading What is a contract?

Cleaning procurement – a clear way to the right provider

Getting the right cleaning service provider is so important as the supplier that you select could be the difference between an organisation that is open for business and one that forced to close. The first stage to ensuring your college, university or school gets the cleaning service it needs is to make sure you get… Continue reading Cleaning procurement – a clear way to the right provider

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