Funding of up to £20,000 is available for student events – apply now

Climbing Course

Tenet Education Services, Tenet Procurement Services and Crescent Purchasing Consortium combine any profits we make each year and they go to the education sector owned charity Crescent Purchasing Limited (registered charity number 1130461). All surplus reserves are then reinvested into the education sector.

Crescent Purchasing Limited has funding available for a limited period for student related events and activities. You are invited to apply for full or part funding ranging from £100 up to £20,000 for projects such as: Student Award(s) Sponsorship, Teaching Materials, Innovative Teaching or Learning Resources.

Do you have a suitable project?

We’d like to hear from you whether it’s a single event over the summer or an on-going project.

*All applications must be submitted by close of business on 30th September 2019. Submissions will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the evaluation panel and prioritised using the qualifying criteria.

2021 Tenet Management Procurement Service Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Tenet (a part of CPL Group) undertook an annual customer satisfaction questionnaire during the month of May 2021.  Twenty-nine percent of Tenet’s managed service customers completed the questionnaire, and a summary of the outcomes are shared below. 91% of customers agreed that Tenet managed procurement service delivered value for money to their organisation. 100% agreed… Continue reading 2021 Tenet Management Procurement Service Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

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