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Our services

Award-winning procurement management services for education

Our procurement management services provide you with the opportunity to receive first class on-site procurement support from our regionally based procurement consultants.

Within our procurement management services, we can provide a guaranteed savings model which provides our customers with a contractually guaranteed minimum outturn over the duration of our service contract.  Tenet are the only company servicing the education sector to offer this model.  With the equivalent cost of our service, as a minimum, guaranteed by savings generated over the course of the contract we believe the decision to appoint Tenet is risk free.

Our flexibility allows you to receive a service that is tailored to suit your requirements and budget.  With contracts across England we currently service 37 contracts covering 52 education establishments, covering everything from 0.5 to 4 days on-site per week.  In addition to this we can offer managed contracts which are delivered off-site, whilst working to an agreed programme of work.

Across our contracts we are actively involved in managing a combined non-pay spend of £350m, which means that our team have a vast amount of experience of procuring a wide range of goods and services.

Our procurement management contracts service individual schools and colleges as well as both informal and formal groups such as Multi-Academy Trusts and Federations.  The wide spread of clients allows Tenet to offer our customer collaborative tendering opportunities with other customers looking to procure similar goods and services.

All our procurement consultants have access to Tenet’s Sourcing Cloud software, which allows for everything from small quotations through to large scale EU tenders to be managed online using our web-based software.  More information can be found at our website

Tenet’s Unique Service includes

  1. Guaranteed Savings
  2. Seen as Risk Free to the College or School
  3. Flexible services to suit requirement and budget
  4. Opportunity to be party to collaborative tenders managed by collaboration specialists
  5. Web-based e-Sourcing software provided within the contract price during the contract term

The only risk is not utilising our services to discover your savings potential.

Tendering services

Tenet is the leading provider of tendering services to the education sector with over 300 tenders completed for our customers each year across a wide range of expense codes.

Our tendering services team can design a competitive tendering process that ensure your individual needs are met, whilst ensuring that where the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015) apply all the necessary compliant steps are taken, allowing you peace of mind for the duration of the contract.

With nationwide coverage, comprehensive professional indemnity insurance and contingency plans to cover unplanned leave within our team, Tenet is ideally suited to support you through what can be a complicated and time consuming process.  Our team will visit you on several occasions during the process to allow you the opportunity to have face-to-face discussions on the finer detail of the specification, the evaluation process and of course the final decision.  Away from your organisation our team will manage the full process ensuring that you can continue with your normal duties without the stress of managing these extra tasks.

Tenet utilise e-tendering software called Tenet Sourcing Cloud.  This web-based software allows for multi-users to work on your project at any one time, whilst allowing a project lead to take ultimate responsibility for the smooth delivery.  This person would be your main point of contact.  E-tendering will become a mandatory requirement during 2018, so using Tenet’s services will allow you to be one step ahead without the need to invest in the software yourselves.  This software is however, available to purchase separately of Tenet’s tendering services if you wish and more information can be found at our website

Tendering Support

If your organisation wishes to run a tendering process in-house but would benefit from some support or mentoring during the process, Tenet can provide a service to meet your requirements.  Tenet can design bespoke support to help you fill any knowledge or time gaps that you have.

Options on how we might be able to help include:

  • Drafting tender documents and specification writing
  • Supplier management – acting as the link between you and the suppliers
  • Evaluation support
  • Support at clarification meetings
  • Drafting supplier feedback letters
  • Drafting and publishing award notices
  • Drafting and publishing Regulation 84 reports

Tenet can help you complete a robust tendering service which will deliver value for money for the entire contract period.


Tenet have been undertaking collaborative tenders for many years and become the sectors leading collaboration specialist.  Our knowledge on managing and co-ordinating has evolved over many projects allowing our customers to appoint Tenet with confidence.  Our reputation for collaboration tendering is such that we are now regularly asked to speak at event and meeting on the subject.

Tenet would welcome the opportunity to present to and meet your senior team where we would highlight all the benefits of collaborative procurement.

From desktop PC’s to cleaning services, to planned preventative maintenance contracts, Tenet has delivered successful projects time and time again, and continue to plan more for the future.

Our process allows participating organisations to retain their independence whilst enjoying the benefits of group purchasing.  In addition to group discounts you will also benefit from sharing ideas with other organisations which in itself can help you to improve your specification and potentially reduce costs.

Contract Management

Completing a tendering process is an initial method to gaining value for money from your contract.   Stage two is to ensure you contract manage the chosen suppliers service throughout the duration of the contract.  Tenet offer a number of contract management services designed to meet your needs and budget.

Service options include:

  1. Production of a contracts database – collation of contract data
  2. Key Date Monitoring – Prompting of key dates for reviews, renewals and retender start dates
  3. Contract Review Support – Off-site support in identifying key elements of the service levels to ensure you have all the information you need for your meeting(s)
  4. On-site Contract Review Support – Attendance at the meeting(s) in addition to the support identified in point 3
  5. Fully Managed Service – A fully inclusive service including all of the above points.

Check out our fantastic range of Contract Management packages here.

Tenet’s Unique Service includes

  1. A nationwide team with extensive knowledge across a wide range of expense codes and the Public Contract Regulations 2015 (PCR 2015)
  2. Capacity across the team to allow for contingency plans to be activated should unplanned leave occur, avoiding any impact on your project delivery
  3. Procurement services which are covered by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance
  4. Fully compliant PCR 2015 web-based e-tendering software used on all projects
  5. Support packages designed for customer’s needs. One size doesn’t need to fit all !
  6. Collaboration specialist with extensive knowledge of the education sector needs, in terms of individual requirements , independence and cost reduction
  7. Low cost support packages for contract monitoring, ensuring value is achieved following Tenet’s appointment.


If you can find a lower cost option which meets the same levels of service to Tenet then please call us, as we’ll price match any of our competitors day rates [1]


[1] Qualifying criteria applies.

Spend and service reviews

Tenet has been a market leader for over 20 years by providing a range of spend and service reviews.  Using KPIs, our teams demonstrate ROI by carrying out comprehensive and independent reviews of your organisation’s purchasing processes and expenditure.  We review your spending process end-to-end – examining both how much you spend and the reasons you spend it. 

Our procurement professionals will examine potential opportunities and identify areas for savings. Tenet can help manage your spend by working alongside your management team to implement improved procurement systems and processes. 

We can review virtually any service, including cleaning, hard and soft facilities management, mechanical and electrical, planned preventative maintenance, security, grounds maintenance, IT services and support, transport, waste management and building refurbishment projects. Our findings and recommendations will be presented to you in a timely manner in your chosen format.

Tenet’s aim is to fulfil the potential of your service contracts. 

Collaborative projects

Our collaborative projects further increase knowledge exchange and buying power compared to ‘single’ or ‘one-off’ projects. Tenet developed the innovative business model of collaborative projects, which we have named FE+.  FE+ is a group of six colleges that appointed Tenet to act as their collaborative agent.  Tenet co-ordinates joint procurement initiatives across the FE+ colleges.  These six colleges (which all compete for students) have now worked together in unison for the first time on many procurement projects.  At the end of the inaugural financial year of FE+, the group had accumulated combined savings of £1 million. 

Collaborative projects have endless possibilities including management of building cleaning, waste management and manned security services. 

Tenet’s managed collaborative projects result in an improvement of efficiencies –  for both financial and non-financial aspects. 

The best advice from dedicated procurement professionals

Our professional procurement managers help ensure you avoid the pitfalls. Poor procurement decisions and a failure to comply with procurement legislation could have legal and financial implications. Tenet’s remit is to safeguard your institution’s reputation and offer you peace of mind.   Tenet professionals are on your side.  Our professionals can work alongside an existing person or team or in lieu of you having any dedicated procurement practice. 

Tenet provides a seamless procurement service that looks and feels like your institution.    Tenet procurement professionals specialise in ethical and sustainable procurement that compliments Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

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