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Free advice

Tenet has been a market leader for over 20 years.  There is no doubt that we are passionate about procurement.  From time to time we share our expertise here with free advice.  So keep checking back as you are sure to find some useful expert advice here.

Do your research

Don’t assume that the marketplace will react when you need it to. Many education suppliers see demand for their goods and services rise and fall during a financial year. Don’t get caught out by asking for assistance during the busy periods and being refused. Know your suppliers’ busy periods and avoid them to ensure you get their upmost attention.

Kieren Stockwell-Smith, Procurement Consultant


Open Me

Collaboration works! Suppliers are attracted by large contracts, and once won they don’t like to lose them. Find a collaboration partner(s), and work as a group to maximise your buying power. If you need assistance in finding a partner speak to Tenet, we can help.

Darren Lowe, Director


Open Me

Develop and maintain a contracts database. This will become a valuable tool to the busy procurement person as it will provide a programme of works for the coming months/years and ensure contracts are not forgotten. Forgotten contracts are expensive as they are extended, usually for the benefit of the supplier!

Ray Wiffen, Regional Procurement Manager

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